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Team Six 2019 RISE and CLUB Team invitations have
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Team invitations have been sent out. Welcome...
Structure and Cost of Team Six
  Team Six has two levels of players, each with its specific...
Practice Location and Address
PLEASE NOTE: All the winter practice schedules are listed here...
Team Six 2019 RISE and CLUB Team invitations have


Team invitations have been sent out. Welcome to those that are new to our program and welcome back to those that have been with us.

We are the longest running lacrosse club in the state of Utah and we thank you for letting us share these memories with you and your family.


Registration is now open and the dates are as follows:

Open Registration: Thursday, January 17th

Regular Registration Closes: Friday, January 25th. 

Late Fee Starts Friday, January 25th. Midnight.

Registration Closes: Saturday, March 2nd.


Storm Lacrosse has helped us with an amazing sponsorship from STX and NIKE. 

If you have any issues registering or if you did not receive an invitation please contact Coach Burbidge. brae.burbidge@gmail.com. 


Thank you, Team Six Lacrosse Staff.



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Structure and Cost of Team Six


Team Six has two levels of players, each with its specific practices, goals, and benefits. Team Six Club and Team Six RISE.

Team Six holds tryouts to evaluate the players and to find the best fit for them. Once the tryouts are complete Team Six will send out invitations to the players to join one of the two teams. 

Team Six- Club Play. 

Team Six Club will have training once a week in the summer and participate in local tournaments only. During the winter months, all the teams practice together. Playing at the club level is excellent for players that want to get better and need some time to progress. Depending on the number of players we have for each team will depend on how many local tournaments we will play in.  Team Six Club players are invited to play in the tournaments; an additional charge in the amount of the tournament fee if the Team Six Club player is invited to play in the tournaments.

The primary focus for Team Six Club players is not the tournament but the practice and become better.


Team SIX Club Play:

Costs:   $495.00 for the year.


-Practice Fees

-Custom Shooter Shirt

-Field equipment expenses and fields rental

-Coach stipends and travel expenses

-Admin and processing fees

-Practice facilities in the winter and some summer.

Team Six Club Does not include any tournament fees, travel or lodging costs for tournaments and events if you need a uniform to add $65.00 (Pinnie and shorts). We will use the same uniform styles from last year. After the first week, all fees are non-refundable.


Team Six R.I.S.E. Program.  
The Team Six R.I.S.E. Program is designed to gather the best players for Graduation Years 2023 to 2026. These graduation years will train and play together as a class from this season until their 9th-grade year. Then progress to be ready to play at higher levels (high school varsity and collegiate) if they want. The R.I.S.E. program will be for selective 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  We do this by having them train with each other, get coached by college athletes twice a week on the offseasons, invite All-American players to help coach, train with specialty coaches.

What is Team Six R.I.S.E.:

R – Reps

I – IQ

S – Skills

E - Effort

Why this approach? The best player development models require ongoing training together with a consistent and top-level team structure.  Club systems have not been done well here in Utah with the ebb and flow of teams starting and then quitting.  Team Six is a model for future players to emulate and aspire. This system is the R.I.S.E. program. Team Six is the longest running lacrosse club in Utah. 

Brae Burbidge, former head coach for UVU, current head coach for Pleasant Grove high school, and head coach for these youth R.I.S.E. teams. Brae has been the head coach for high school teams and youth comp teams as well as the collegiate coach for over 13 years. With hand-selected coaches, they will personally coach the training, practices, and games.  Coaching assistants will include additional collegiate coaches, top-ranked collegiate athletes from the various programs in the state and coaches that have played or coached in the past. Each team will have a Head coach, attack coach, midfielder coach and a defensive coach with guest coaches for goalies and face-off players. We will also coordinate with Utah Valley University lacrosse head coach Marty Wescott who has had several State Championships, coached multiple high-level comp teams and was the Offensive Coordinator for BYU Lacrosse ranked one of the top three programs in the country. 

What is the difference with Team Six R.I.S.E.?

Frankly, Team Six R.I.S.E. is designed to give critical feedback and intensive direction so that players and know the game of lacrosse not just play in tournaments, The use these skills to participate in tournaments to hone those skills. We are all about getting players prepared to make an impression in high school and college.

The intent is to take up to 25 players and keep them together as a team through their 9th-grade year and have them ready to be a varsity player in their freshman season.

A higher commitment level from the players.  This should be your primary club lacrosse team. 

This is an invitation-only team.  We are only inviting top players from each 2021- 2024 graduating classes.

R.I.S.E. is intended to take each age group to an advanced level through consistent practice, learning advanced techniques, and through creating a strong team environment.

R.I.S.E. will be participating in recruiting events based on availability.

R.I.S.E.will focus on getting the player ready for high school where they will excel in that environment. This will give your player the best chance to play collegiate lacrosse if that's the desired goal. 

R.I.S.E. Is not designed for players to memorize plays just for tournaments. Instead, the player understands the game and has an increased Lacrosse I.Q. and the ability to use the correct skill at the right time. 

Team SIX R.I.S.E. program:

Costs:  $1380.00 for the year.

REMEMBER this Includes all calendered event costs*:

- All-tournament player fees*

-Practice Fees

-Custom Team Bags

-Custom Shooter Shirt

-Custom Team Hat

-Custom Penni 

-Custom Shorts

-Field equipment expenses and rental

-Coach stipends and travel expenses

-Admin and processing fees

-Practice facilities in the winter and some summer

**Does not include travel and lodging costs for tournaments and events. Out of state events may have additional fees.

Monthly Plan if needed.  $495.00 initial and $177.00a month (paid in 5 monthly installments). After the first week, all fees are non-refundable.



Most Asked Questions:

  • Don't you just want all the players to be in the top teams and PAY the money?
    • Yes, Team Six does want all the players in the top team but because they belong there. The Club team is different than the regular seasonal teams that kids play on. We are trying to build teams that are strong because they understand lacrosse. Our drive is to advance players the right way, because of this we cannot put everyone into the same group. So a player will be placed on a team based on his level of lacrosse not how much we can charge.
  • We don't want to pay the money for the RISE teams.
    • No worries, we always send out a parent questionnaire for new players asking if they want to pay the fees or not. That way if a parent does not want to spend the fees we will issue a different invitation, so the family isn't put in a bad position.
  • What if we can't make all the tournaments listed? 
    • If you are a Club player, then it won't matter because you pay for the tournaments you play in. 
    • If you are a RISE player, then you will miss out on the tournament. We base our teams on you coming. You may miss some, but you get the additional training and events too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at brae.burbidge@gmail.com.


Brae Burbidge
Team Six Lacrosse

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Practice Location and Address
All the winter practice schedules are listed here so make sure and review the right practice schedule.

We will add new tournaments as they are available to us.

Practices are Saturday Mornings: Please be aware that we take the dates in November and December off for family time. 


Peaks Ice Arena

Turf Field

100 N Seven Peaks Blvd, Provo, UT 84606


The times are as follows:

2nd Grade to 8th Grade 7:00 am to 8:00 am

9th grade and older: 8:00 am to 9:00 am


11/10/2018 - Saturday

11/17/2018 - Saturday

12/08/2018 - Saturday

12/15/2018 - Saturday

01/05/2019 - Saturday

01/12/2019 - Saturday

01/19/2019 - Saturday

01/26/2019 - Saturday

02/02/2019 - Saturday

02/09/2019 - Saturday


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